Shalini Harshwal


a peace-loving beinga passionate person. a documentary filmmaker. a Bombayite. a young advertising director.psychology major. a shy writer. a wannabe photographer. a film geek. a bad driver. a mediocre cook. a story lover. a travel enthusiast. a letter mailer. a believer. a vegetarian. a great friend


Shalini Harshwal fell in love with the movies at age 4, and at age 12 while watching a Children's Film called 'Halo' she realised this is what she was born to do.

An observer of life and passionate to learn about the human behavior, she decided to major in psychology, while filming documentaries and short films on her hi 8 camcorder after class. Most of which she never completed. Later, she went on to do her masters in Communication Studies, specializing in Video Production. After passing out in 2006, she started assisting some very well known Independent & commercial directors, till she started directing Promos for television channels in 2009

She continues to live in Mumbai, where she dextrously juggles her work of a Commercial Director and an Independent Documentary filmmaker. 'Out of a Jam' is her first mid-length documentary.

Shalini likes to observe the unobserved and aims at telling their genuine stories. Stories that make people think, feel and know who they really are.